We chat to Award Winner Prom Kween ahead of their performance at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Tell us about your show

Prom Kween is every high school movie you ever watched, infused with pop culture and the hot mess that is American politics. Dipped in glitter. With songs. And drag.

What has been your weirdest Fringe moment?

Last year I went to the Seance at Summerhall. It was in a small, pitch black bunker that was locked from the outside and you had to all sit around a table wearing headphones that spoke to you. I walked in and promptly inwardly lost my shit so just sat very still not wearing the headphones in the dark for the duration. Listening to other people gasp, jump, sometimes scream…

What would be your number one tip for newcomers?

Eating ISN’T cheating. Line your stomach before you inevitably go out on the lash after your show every day. Vomming on the pavement is not a good look, hun. Also, don’t drunkenly promise anyone to climb Arthur’s Seat with them because, just like Liam Neeson, they will find you, and it will kill you.

What’s the best and worst thing about the festival?

The best thing is being a part of a city full of creativity and imagination. It’s an incredibly inspiring place if you’re open to it. The worst thing is that you’re not at all open to it when you suddenly become aware that you can’t get away from your job and would much rather be somewhere relaxing and quiet not thinking about theatre. It can’t be that bad though – we always go back for more.

Prom Kween Assembly George Square Gardens 2-26 August (not 13) 9:05pm

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