Describe your show to us Two Man Show is part essay, part play, part movement piece, part punk gig. No one element could exist without the others. It’s about how patriarchy has defined our culture, our sense of self, our relationships, our gender, the language we speak, the thoughts that we think. We play men for a lot of it. It’s funny and hopefully fun to watch.

How does it feel returning to Edinburgh after your success last year? It feels great! We were excited but terrified last year. We thought we’d made something that we really liked but that was quite weird so we had no idea how audiences would respond. The show grew so much during the festival. It’s nice to go back feeling much clearer about what we made and having had an amazing response from our audiences in Edinburgh, Soho and on tour.

What is your top Fringe survival tip? SLEEP. Sleep becomes difficult quite quickly because of all the adrenaline and there’s so much happening that it always gets ridiculously late super quickly. Drinking valerian tea helps. But just before bed…

What is the best and worst thing about the festival? The best thing is all of the amazing shows. The fact that there is exciting international work on offer every day. The worst thing is losing perspective on your show because of what everyone else is saying about it (or not saying about it) and losing perspective on the rest of the world.

Where & When

Two Man Show, Summerhall, 21-26 August, (not 23, 25), 10.15pm


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