C Chambers Street
5- 31 August 20.55

Rat PackThe Rat Pack: Sammy Davis Jr, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin- men synonymous with old Hollywood, imbibing, the tuxedo, and real and far reaching talent.

It was therefore with trepidation that a hopeful audience filed into the intimate room at C venues and took their seats. First up was Frank Sinatra. The live tuxedo clad band struck up a familiar tune and on swept Frank, looking dapper and debonair. As he opened his mouth and hit a crystal clear note there was an audible sigh of relief mingled with the glee of recognition. Not only did he exude Sinatra-like charisma, but his voice was distinctively Sinatra-esque.

Sammy Davis Jr likewise did not disappoint and had the whole audience beaming from ear to ear while he tapped and sang the spine tingling Mr Bojangles.

But hands down, Mr Dean Martin was the cherry on top of this delectable cake. Jaws had to be scraped off the ground as this singer crooned his way through Sway, with the sex appeal of a young Marlon Brando reborn.

These three gents were showcased magnificently by the band (although a balance needs to be struck between the enthusiasm of the drummer and the rest) and complemented by the delightful backing singers as they sang their way through all the classic rat pack numbers. An accomplished tribute act to cheer your day.

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