Review: Aatif Nawaz: Instant GrAATIFication at The Stand

The penultimate Tuesday night of the Fringe is a tough gig. Tonight was no exception.

With a young family in the front row, Aatif Nawaz managed to remain remarkably calm as he held together the show despite the room carrying a heavy limp in the enthusiasm department for most of the hour.

The goalposts were moved on a couple of occasions so as not to offend the young family, a tactic which proved to be a bit of a double edged sword. In one hand, he deserves credit for making the show accessible to everyone in the room, but on the other hand, it felt like he was clipping his own wings to avoid making anyone feel uncomfortable which slightly dampened one or two of the jokes.

With tales of his Muslim upbringing and the racial stereotyping that he’s subjected to on an all too frequent basis delivered in good humour, the comedian didn’t let the all too infrequent echoing applause visibly phase him at any point. Cohesion wise, the show suffered a little, as Nawaz went from talking about his wife in one instance to talking about his efforts in trying to impress women, almost sidestepping his earlier truths for comedic effect which didn’t sit too well and seemed to stomp on his more heartfelt dialogue.

Instant GrAATIFication showed signs of real promise under the surface, but didn’t quite manage to break free from the shackles that were holding it back.

Aatif Nawaz: Instant GrAATIFication, The Stand, 17-26 Aug, 7.05pm


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