Review: Adam Riches Is The Guy Who… at Underbelly Cowgate

As the music started to play, the audience began to twist and turn to see where the show would begin. There is no stage and no spotlight.

Instead, Adam Riches is found sitting at a table in the middle of the café reading a paper – which he continuously and aggressively reminds the audience is a “physical copy”- which he dramatically closes before standing up. He immediately plummets into his character, The Guy: a sleazy, manipulative “nice guy” who wants nothing more than an audience member’s number after learning she has gone through a breakup. After asking for it repeatedly, he comments that he was making her feel uncomfortable, yet no one stopped him. He made a point of never learning this girls name, as it just wasn’t important to him, yet he is also a self-professed feminist who is in touch with his emotions.

Riches weaves through the room asking audience members about their love life, past breakups and current relationships. The audience left the show knowing this roomful of strangers more than they ever thought they would after taking on the tasks Riches sets, which include lying over each other’s legs, sharing relationship issues with the room, and group hugging after chanting to the sky about another audience member’s ex (which was surprisingly therapeutic, despite having never met this ex).

Adam Riches has created a character that we all know and hate but just love to laugh at. A hilarious hour of discomfort and confusion, there was not a moment when the audience where not laughing (and praying not to be The Guy’s next victim).

Adam Riches is The Guy Who…, Underbelly Cowgate, until 26 Aug, 2.10pm


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