Review: Alison Spittle: Worrier Princess at Gilded Balloon Teviot

Alison Spittle, adorned in a flower crown and ironic Nirvana t-shirt, isnt your typical stand up comedian. Casually treating the stage like a close friends comfortable kitchen table, she explores her experiences of mental health, misogyny and female sexuality growing up in semi-rural Ireland with self awareness and observational hilarity.

Spittles experiences of the world and the entertainment industry differ from the usual voices we hear on TV and in the media in that she isnt your typical looking TV star. But that hasn’t stopped this sharp-tongued up-and-comer from writing and developing her own sitcom, Nowhere Fast. It’s from the preparation for this sitcoms release that she gets much of her material for this show, and its a really fresh take. Not shying away from any aspect of her life, what makes Spittle such a unique performer is her truly authentic material. Theres no nonsense with Alison Spittle, no pretence, and when she performs it is truly just her on stage, and her ability to see the funny and ridiculous in the difficulties faced by women who unapologetically exist outside the body ideal.

Alison is also so much more than just a fat comedian.Shes satirical, wry, and full to the brim of embarrassing escapades that anyone can relate to, though they may not admit it. From her first kiss to her first therapy appointment, Alisons take on the world is eminently universal, a voice for the anxious generation who can laugh just as uproariously at their haters as they can at themselves. Not just a funny girl, Alison blazes the trail for anyone dealing with mental health issues themselves, helping to normalise the therapeutic process as part of healthy self care, as well as poking fun at the industry with her trademark absurdist bent. Catch her on a small stage while you can.

Alison Spittle: Worrier Princess, Gilded Balloon Teviot, until 27 Aug, 5.15pm 


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