Review: An Evening with Amanda F***ing Palmer at Queen’s Hall



Raw and personal, Amanda Palmer’s new show is heavy but satisfying, and strangely reassuring.

Known for her deeply personal connection to her fans online, Palmer’s live show is no different. Every song has a backstory, and Palmer is very willing to share. Throughout the evening the audience is drawn closer into the heart of her inner world, learning intimate details about her life, including some of her darkest moments and greatest fears. As these shows are testing grounds for an upcoming album and extensive touring next year, each night is different. A chance to trial new ideas, Palmer confesses that there are parts of the show she’s not sure will work yet. In particular, her decision to move into darker territory and stay there is a risk as an entertainer. A risk she admits she’s scared to undertake, saying “I usually do what’s fun”, and acknowledging that the relentless sadness of the content may be too much for some to handle.

However those who are up to the task will be rewarded, and Palmer does also include moments of levity, teaching the audience to sing in harmony for one of her songs, and regularly checking in to ask if anyone needs to hear an aptly named ‘palette cleanser’ before continuing on with the heavier content.

There’s power in honesty, and it’s almost a relief to hear someone speak directly about what is often skirted around and avoided. In particular, Palmer’s confessions and fears about motherhood are moving, and perhaps give others permission to face up to their own uncertainties.

If you don’t mind being transported to a place of vulnerability, spending an evening with Amanda F***ing Palmer is refreshingly honest and very rewarding.

An Evening with Amanda F***ing Palmer, Queen’s Hall, 9-10, 17-18 Aug, 7pm


Zerrin Craig-Adams

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