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Review: Anesti Danelis: Songs for a New World Order at The Newsroom

Review: Anesti Danelis: Songs for a New World Order at The Newsroom

Tucked away in the basement of The Newsroom in the middle of the night, people from the upstairs bar come in to watch Anesti Danelis perform in dribs and drabs.

Most of his audience all sit far back and ready for an easy escape, but despite his tentative audience and late night slot, Danelis takes to the stage to confidently introduce himself and help put his audience at ease. Once he starts, it becomes instantly clear that there is no need to fret: this is going to be a great hour.

Danelis is a Toronto-based musical comedian who manages to charm his crowd with a brilliant blend of sharp wit, optimism and perfectly dark humour. Songs for a New World Order brilliantly showcases Danelis’s unique ability to twist his words and thread them seamlessly through his songs in a way that will always have you wondering what’s coming next. Alone on the stage with just his guitar, Danelis’s tunes are absurd yet completely relatable – I’m sure everyone in Edinburgh this August will particularly engage with his ode to the slow walkers.

Anesti Danelis was a hidden gem of this year’s Festival Fringe. Keep an eye out for this rising star and let’s hope he returns to the capital next year.

Anesti Danelis: Songs for a New World Order, The Newsroom, until 24 Aug, 12.30am