Review: Casus: You & I at Assembly Roxy

The latest show from Casus Circus founders Jesse Scott and Lachlan McAulay, You & I is a deeply felt and visually stunning piece of physical theatre that takes an intimate look at love and a relationship between two men.

Shown in a former church hall, the stage presents a simple apartment with a looming high ceiling, the perfect setting for a show that plays between the domestic and the fantastical. At times moving playfully through everyday actions and then fluidly transitioning into incredible acts of strength and acrobatics, Casus invites us into their private world, a representation of both their internal and external selves. Often moving as one unit intertwined, Scott and McAulay are hypnotic performers who convey an impressive range of nuanced emotions without speech. Tender, then melancholic, joyful then frenzied, the storytelling is thoughtfully shaped by an ever changing ebb and flow of moods and energies that is beautifully mirrored by the sound and lighting design.

As a circus act, Casus don’t disappoint. There are audible gasps and applause scattered throughout the show, and the audience is transfixed from beginning to end. Trapeze? Hoops? A tower of chairs? Casus have you covered.

Not just a portrait of love, You & I also addresses and challenges some of the preconceptions of what a romantic relationship between two men looks like. At one point, they entertain each other by dressing up. Cycling through a plethora of different stereotypes, they try on sequinned dresses, leather straps, mini shorts and sailor hats until they finally return to their own individual style in a beautiful visual metaphor of self-acceptance.

When the performance comes to an end, the audience is visibly moved and there’s a standing ovation. The audience have spoken: You & I is a must-see.

Casus: You & I, Assembly Roxy, Aug 2-26, 3.10pm

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