Review: Ciarán Dowd: Don Rodolfo at Pleasance Courtyard

Imagine Puss in Boots played by Dylan Moran and you’ll come close to what Don Rodolfo portrayed by Ciarán Dowd looks like.

With serious subject matter in comedy becoming more commonplace, theatrical comedy hasn’t had much of a look in of late. That’s partly what makes this show such a refreshing escape. 

Sauntering on to the stage armed with a sword and a quite frankly ridiculous back story featuring cheese addiction and love affairs with inanimate objects, the unapologetically narcissistic Don Rodolfo has the audience on board and on the edge of their seats from the get go.

Whilst on the face of it, the show is hilariously implausible, Dowd’s uniquely effective storytelling still manages to create genuine suspense – even while recounting Rodolfo’s quest for vengeance on a man with six hands. Despite the fact that the hour features more brilliantly unsubtle film rip offs than you could shake a horse on a stick at and an abundance of twists and turns before we reach the showdown at the show’s climax, there’s still plenty room in between for Dowd to interact with the audience, dipping in and out of character as he pleases.

This show really captures the spirit of what the festival is all about and it’s no surprise that Ciarán Dowd is up for Best Newcomer this year. If Don Rodolfo could defeat 600 men, this show can easily put up a great fight for the award.

Ciarán Dowd: Don Rodolfo, Pleasance Courtyard, until 26 Aug, 10.45pm


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