Review: Dick and Dom- Dick v Dom at Underbelly, McEwan Hall

As two of the biggest names at this year’s festival, Dick and Dom have upscaled from the comfort of their bungalow to the massive McEwan Hall to bring their high tempo show to the Fringe for the first time. Though primarily this is a kids show, kids aren’t the only ones who’ll have fun, as evidenced by the laughing parents and the large number of giddy 20-somethings excited to catch a glimpse of the comedy duo that they grew up watching in the late 1990’s.  

A highlight reel began the show to give the younger ones in the audience a bit of background on the BAFTA-wining duo before Richard McCourt and Dominic Wood arrived on stage, dressed in boxing gear and looking like they were going to knock lumps out of each other. But what followed couldn’t have been further away from the early signs of contempt.

The pair displayed outstanding cohesion throughout a show that could best be described as organised chaos and a stage manager’s worst nightmare. From pies to the face of a child still wearing glasses, to mothers punching their way out of life-size paper bags, to teaching children how to inoffensively swear at teachers and their parents, this show catered to young kids and even the most stern faced grown adults. The idea of splitting the audience into two sides for the duration of the show was a stroke of genius too, instantly involved everyone in the venue – whether they liked it or not.

The layered comedy that made the pair famous back in the day was displayed in perfect form, culminating in lots of “Dick, Dick, Dick” chants from the audience and quips like, “do you prefer Dom or Dick or would you prefer not to say?”. While the kids in the audience might have been oblivious to the barrage of double entendres now, this pair are likely to still be filling out venues in another 20 years time too, so we’ve no doubt they’ll catch on when they return to the audience as adults.

There’s a heartfelt moment in the inclusion of a ‘Rest in peace Barry Elliott (Chuckle)’ message on screen at the end during the standing ovation, and indeed the pair have carried on the Chuckle Brothers’ legacy. Seeing children’s overjoyed faces alongside the joy on the faces of those who had grown up watching the duo proved how much the memories of those who made us laugh as children stays with us as we grow up. Catch them while you can – Dick and Dom are offering up comedy that just doesn’t age. 

Dick and Dom: Dick v Dom,  Underbelly, McEwan Hall, 6-12 Aug 1pm 

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