Review: Drip at Summerhall

An original script full of sweet teen awkwardness and colourful props, Drip is a musical coming of age tale about friendship and optimism.

Performed in the round and delivered as though he is addressing his school assembly, 15 year old Liam is determined to help his best friend Caz win the annual school ‘project prize’. Caz has tried every year and always loses, but this year she has her heart set on them entering as part of the newly formed Bev Road Baths’ synchronised swimming team. This is a project she takes very seriously, spending time studying YouTube clips of Russian synchronised swimmers while taking notes. The only problem with her plan is that Liam can’t swim and doesn’t know how to tell her.

Complete with low-key and charmingly funny musical numbers, Liam sings about a range of everyday worries and awkward situations, from dealing with anxiety to his love of toast. The show also uses props to interact with the audience, including water pistols, inflatable sharks and pool noodles. These moments of audience interaction are fun, and add a nice touch to the storytelling as we’re invited to take part in creating the scenes that unfold.

Although Andrew Finnigan as Liam does a great job of conveying that specific brand of teenage awkwardness and uncertainty that has become so familiar and endearing on screen and stage, his performance is overall a little low in energy. This is particularly noticeable during some of the musical numbers, where his confidence seems shaky at times. However, Drip is a well written show with plenty of charm.

Drip, Summerhall, until 26 Aug, 6.55pm


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