Review: Ed Gamble: Blizzard at Pleasance Courtyard

Ed Gamble is a household name in British comedy these days. He can regularly be seen on television, be heard on radio, and, apparently, be found alone at local tourist attractions seeking friends.

Blizzard is so titled after an incident which saw Gamble stranded in New York during a blizzard. Gamble attempts to make this tale humorous, but it still has the ring of a ‘you had to be there’ story. The bulk of the rest of the hour focuses rather weightily on his type 1 diabetes, which Gamble himself readily admits is a limited topic for humour at the best of times. His efforts to bring his own daily battle with diabetes in to the comedic light are applauded and those with the illness will greatly appreciate the jokes and references but there doesn’t seem to be enough material in the subject to fill an hour’s worth of stand-up. Telling stories with the recognisable tonality of a comic does not mean that the stories being told are necessarily funny, and his references to his relationship and sex life verge into cringy rather than cute on occasion. 

However, this show is not unfunny. There are several laugh out loud moments and Gamble is a charismatic performer who has no trouble getting the audience to like him. Indeed, the funniest moments are his unscripted interactions with the audience, proving his abilities.

The self-professed inoffensive middle-class white man of comedy who just wants everyone to like him is just that. Blizzard just doesn’t offer up a meaty enough subject to really showcase what Gamble is capable of.

Ed Gamble: Blizzard, Pleasance Courtyard, 1-26 Aug, 7.40pm

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