Review: European Citizen Popsong at Summerhall 

Music has always been a powerful tool in both performance and real life, providing an outlet for human emotions. 

In European Citizen Popsong, a project two years in the making, Marieke Dermul explores this exact idea and puts the power of music to the test.

Dermul is a Belgian theatre maker, whose genuine kindness, hopeful soulfulness, and charisma make this project a celebration of humanity which is bound to make its audience think and take action. European Citizen Popsong takes us through a journey of self-discovery, with Dermul questioning what it truly means to be European, and wondering if there is hope left in the political nightmare of now. 

This play is a brave piece of political documentary theatre that does not shy away from exploring and debating the more difficult aspects of our current political climate, constantly evolving to keep up with the conversation. While Demul’s calm and soft-spoken demeanour keeps the pace a little slow,  her enthusiasm and passion is undeniable as she invites the audience to take part and welcome the inevitable feelings of pain and melancholy.

European Citizen Popsong is a heart-warming performance that celebrates people, aiming to make everyone’s voice heard. It’s a must-see at this year’s Fringe. 

European Citizen Popsong, Summerhall, 4-26 Aug, 6pm

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