Review: Fulfilment at Underbelly

A simple concept that demonstrates its point very well, Fulfilment poses questions about morality and greed while taking aim at one of the world’s biggest retailers.

The play is based on the stories of Amazon warehouse workers and the misery they face. The show exemplifies the poor working conditions in their so-called ‘fulfilment centres’ all while Robox – a lovable fulfilment robot – aims to serve the audience in every way it can.

Robox has such a child-like innocence about it that one can’t help but connect with. The three manned puppet demonstrates so much charisma it puts Alexa to shame. SharkLegs proves itself to be a master of audience interaction as anyone will fall for this delightful character’s ruse. However, it is this apparent virtue that makes it disturbingly blind to the suffering of the employees.

Robox is a front that hides the true nature of Amazon. The verbatim part of the show recounts elements like the company’s extremely high targets and opposition to unions, collected from interviews conducted by SharkLegs. The contrast between the fantasy and the reality incites its audience to think about if it is worth it just for fast shipping. 

Fulfilment is a bold show of support for employees who are worked like machines while maintaining a fun and yet emotive mood throughout. It’s quite a guilt trip if you have ever shopped with Amazon, but that is what makes it essential viewing for this Fringe. 

Fulfilment runs until 25th August (not 12th), 3:40 pm at Underbelly Belly Laugh

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