Review: Gráinne Maguire: I Forgive You: Please Like Me at Gilded Balloon

Grainne Maguire is always right, and her show will teach you things about the world you didn’t know you were missing.

With insight as intriguing as it is funny, it’s Maguire’s unique perspective that makes her such a must-see at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

You may recognise her name from when she decided to live tweet her menstrual cycle to an Irish politician to promote more active discussion of women’s reproductive health before abortion was appealed in her home country of Ireland. You could also be familiar with her panel podcast where comedians argue the most important happenings on the news.

But this year she returns to the capital in all her outspoken glory with a show focusing on what it means to be a woman today, and, more specifically, the trials and tribulations of being a difficult woman when the world can’t get enough of lovely girls keeping their heads down to weather the storm.

Maguire never had that option: her convictions are too strong and in her show you will hear many of them, all as on point as they are unexpected. Catch her hot takes on the #MeToo movement, the uses of sleazy men in modern society, and even The Sound of Music.

Her resting face may, by her own admission, remind you of online petitions you forgot to sign, but her cutting observational humour and inspiring sources of confidence will more than make up for any guilt you incur. In the end, it’s the sacrifices she made to ‘likeability’ which will make you love her.

Gráinne Maguire: I Forgive you: Please Like Me, Gilded Balloon Teviot, 5-26 Aug, 3.15pm

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