Review: I Am Ross Smith at Just the Tonic at the Caves

Recently, Ross Smith found himself at the centre of an incredible story that eventually went viral.

A stranger on Facebook sent him a message inviting him to join a group of lads on holiday to Hamburg, Germany. The invite spawned from another Ross Smith (Ross tries not to lament too much over the commonality of his name) pulling out of the holiday and not wanting to fork out cash to change the name on the plane ticket. I Am Ross Smith revolves around the namesake’s venture out of his comfort zone, a coming-of-age tale with more gags than your average Bildungsroman. His adventure turns out to be a quest to prove to himself and to others than he can have fun – and, more importantly, a quest to find a story that he could use to finally get one-up on his mate’s new mate, Tristan.

As he takes to the stage, Smith appears almost shy and humble, but as the show progresses, as does his confidence as he fills the hour with witty jokes and brilliant anecdotes. Smith also employs a projector with films that recreate (or reinterpret?) his time in Hamburg. These incredibly funny segments both broke up and added to the material nicely and are a great example of multimedia used effectively in stand-up, rather than just slotted in for no reason, as often seems the case. Throughout the hour, Smith keeps his comedy smart, keeps the crowd entertained and keeps the dull moments at bay with an impressive show that has one thing few Fringe shows do: a truly unique story.

I Am Ross Smith,Just the Tonic at the Caves, 19-26 Aug, 12.40pm

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