Review: I’ll Have What She’s Having at Assembly George Square Studios

This play hits home. I wasn’t prepared at 12.15pm on a Sunday afternoon to have my own insecurities and inner doubts ranged across a stage in front of me by two waifs brandishing bananas, but I was, and I enjoyed it.

Victoria Bianchi and Jess Brodie combine their real life experiences with wit, vulnerability, and a clever use of space to evoke the life stories, fears and foolishness of two women in their twenties trying to prove to each other, and the world, that they are happy with their choices.

Victoria, a beautiful blonde overachiever with the husband and home to match, drinks, smiles and spars with her friend from university, Jess. Jess embodies all the attitude and edgylifestyle of a Vice contributor on a Starbucks wage, which she is completely and totally fine with, she swears. In an interchange that will spark recognition in every woman, the two take the audience on a journey of their choices: part sketch show, part monologue, part dance and part diary excerpts, in which the two performers explore what a happy life looks like, and what it actually is. Finally throwing off the shackles of what other people think, the show crescendos in a raw, beautiful rejection of all young women today are told to value.

The actors interact beautifully together, retaining their clear cut personal perspectives while still managing to ensure that each is relatable to all. The show is simply set, with onstage costume and set changes which contribute well to the flow of the piece, adding an air of improvisation to the carefully constructed dialogue which doesn’t sacrifice its own authenticity to the push and pull of the show. This turns what could be an overly stylised presentation of two mirroring lives into a genuinely honest and heart warming piece of theatre, and it doesn’t hurt that both girls are hilarious, with especially excellent comic timing from Jess in particular.

I’ll Have What She’s Having, Assembly George Square Studios, 2-27 Aug (not 13, 20), 12.15pm 

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