Review: Ivan Aristeguieta: Juithy at Pleasance Courtyard

Ever fancied visiting Venezuela? Just head to the Pleasance instead – Ivan Aristeguieta will save you the £600 for flights.

His descriptions and charming delivery paints such a rich picture of his home country he should be his own one man exhibit at Venezuela’s national art gallery.

An hour with Aristeguieta will give you not only an insight into his origins but into the life of an immigrant making the move from a struggling nation to a richer country, a journey he compares brilliantly with divorce and time travel. At no point does despair overtake his set, even when dealing with the pain of leaving home and the end of relationships. No matter the topic, he smiles and gives off a genuine shine of positivity.

Stereotypes about South America are addressed and dealt with quickly rather than dominating the performance. He abuses stereotypes about Australian life far more than Venezuela and he mostly keeps the tone as light as avocado toast. Waiting on the punchline can sometimes feel like waiting for the bus  on a sticky day, prone as he is to drift into pauses and off on tangents, but more times than not the punchline lands with a delivery so strong that you appreciate the journey.  

His metaphors and gags are sharp and satisfying, but while Aristeguieta is a charismatic performer and his show is charming, it occasionally lacks some additional depth. Nevertheless, it’s an enjoyable hour with enough thought and laughter to earn its place in your Fringe experience.

Ivan Aristeguieta: Juithy, Pleasance Courtyard, 5-26 Aug (not 13), 7.15pm 

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