Review: Ivo Graham: Motion Sickness at Pleasance Courtyard

Ivo Graham returns to the Fringe with another beautifully written show.

In this compelling hour, the audience is treated to the scoop on the highlights of Graham’s year thus far, including his favourite British train company, recently becoming engaged, and a particularly hilarious experience at a Go Ape Treetop Adventure.

Motion Sickness also covers a range of Graham’s experiences from his more historical past: going to an all-boys boarding school, losing his virginity, buying his first flat, moving in with his partner and doing all the things that grown-ups do and that he has, somewhat reluctantly, been pushed into doing also.

Graham’s characteristic loquacious style is filled with exquisite and hilarious metaphors, which make his act an absolute pleasure to watch. The comedian’s pace and delivery is close to perfection, and his self-deprecating humour is incredibly relatable.

There is also an apologetic air to his comedy. After all, the former Etonian is smart enough to be fully aware of his privilege and is conscious of what people may think. But Graham plays his posh upbringing right, and there is nothing boastful in his act – except for one hilarious moment where he misspoke and said “twast” instead of twist and was compelled to tell the audience that he had an excellent vocabulary. This was a particularly endearing moment in the show, because Graham proved that not only did he make mistakes, but that he was willing to exploit them to have a good laugh.

Motion Sickness is smart, charming and hilarious. His genius is among the ones to watch.

Ivo Graham: Motion Sickness, Pleasance Courtyard, until 26 Aug, 6.40pm 

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