Review: Jack Barry at The Globe

Jack Barry brings Tango to the Free Fringe, an hour of hilarious tales of his sexual antics and all things relationships.

Representing some of the finest of British comedy, he’s here to talk business of the bedroom as he reveals intimate details about not only his life, but the lives of his family and friends, too.

The show opens with Barry proudly announcing that he’s the face of McCoy’s crisps. The sex-talk follows on pretty quickly: he knows, he tells us himself, that he doesn’t exactly look like your typical ‘sexpert’ but that’s what makes it even more amusing. Despite his easy, lad next door vibe, Barry is unapologetic in his delivery, firing out one painfully honest confession after another to great comic effect.

Despite being surrounded by rugby tops in a cave-like setting, this show isn’t fuelled by cheap laddish puns and sexist humour but a hilariously jaw-dropping perspective of both sexes. Barry freely uses the stage to admit his not so guilty pleasures and gets a kick out of asking awkward questions, which only adds to the hilarity.  

It’s hard to believe this show is free. It would be easy to listen to tales of Jack Barry’s life for another hour. Effortlessly endearing, even the most prudish of prudes would find it difficult not to laugh. Tango isn’t just an hour of stand-up, it’s an hour in the confessional, and no one is safe from the images Barry relishes displaying to our mind’s eye.

Jack Barry: Tango, The Globe, 4-26 Aug, 8.30pm

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