Review: Jamie MacDonald Blinkered at Assembly Rooms

Glaswegian comic Jamie MacDonald is blind – but he’s determined to show his audiences the humour in his disability.

Whether it’s being attacked for not picking up his dog’s poo or the perils of travelling abroad without an easy route to an accessible toilet, MacDonald focuses on the funnier side of his troubles while still showing the audience the everyday ways in which disability affects your life.

If you’re worried this is an hour of heavy themes and hard to swallow truths, don’t. Blinkered is a finely honed show and over the course of the hour MacDonald takes the audience on a romp through his world, making them laugh all the way. At no point does he get you to feel sorry for him. Whilst the set is about his blindness, in the sense of laughing at the frustrations it causes him, it never defines him.

Most of the material does well – there’s a particularly hilarious bit on diversity in the work place – but this is more of storytelling show. There’s a few strong punchlines but not all of the jokes land and there’s some long quiet gaps. However, it’s his ability to hold your attention that really makes the show noteworthy.

Jamie MacDonald Blinkered at Assembly Rooms, until 26 Aug, 8.25pm

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