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Review: Jay Lafferty at Gilded Balloon

Review: Jay Lafferty at Gilded Balloon

Jay Lafferty makes comedy look very, very easy. Her fifteen years of compering experience means that immediately we become comfortable in her company. She effortlessly interacts with the audience at the start of the show, finding out more about her audience and incorporating their responses into the show with ease.

She is quick with snarky riffs and short observational one-liners which are peppered throughout the show, keeping the show exciting whilst still exploring the main theme of the show: the concept of luck. The show is incredibly well researched; Lafferty uses the results of questionnaires and surveys to explore generally held conceptions about luck and being lucky with greatly amusing results. Lafferty’s experience becomes particularly evident towards the end of the show, as she begins to tie her own experiences into material used earlier on in the show in the most delightfully amusing way, paralleling the probability of her being pregnant to a series of completely unbelievable events all happening at once (including Kim Kardashian becoming president of the US whilst simultaneously getting hit by a meteor!).

The fact that she is braving a run at the Fringe whilst she is 7 months pregnant makes this well-paced hour of comedy extremely accomplished, impressive and entertaining.

Jay Lafferty: Jammy is Gilded Balloon Teviot, 6:30pm until the 26th (not the 19th)