Review: Kathy Lette’s Girl Talk at Underbelly George Square

It’s a testament to Kathy Lette’s extreme likeability that this show did not come off as an hour long boast.

Billing itself as a ‘psychological strip tease,’ this show talks feminism for the over-forties, targeting child-rearing, menopause, marriage and idiot men. Kathy’s warm humour and entertaining anecdotes about the literati of the UK and how they handled her brash, Australian self draw the audience in, and you are so firmly on her side that it doesn’t really matter that she’s not really saying anything new. Inviting the audience into her world, and for a drink, she is smart, bold and genuinely inspiring.

A friend of Sandi Tosvig, Germaine Greer and other famed first wave feminists (I know this because she showed us a slideshow), Kathy claims her place as a feminist literary trail blazer, and rightly so. However, as a young(ish) feminist big mouth myself, it was hard at times to watch someone claim the term feminist, then, in the same breath, offer the audience up photographs of women who have had cosmetic surgery to laugh at and judge. Feminism is an evolving movement, and some of what Kathy had to say felt a little dated. That being said,  I laughed a lot, and I learned a lot (mostly about Kathy herself) and I will certainly be picking up one of her novels, which I sense is the true purpose of this show anyway.

Kathy Lette’s Girl Talk, Underbelly George Square, 7-11 Aug, 3.30pm

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