Review: Larry Dean: Bampot at Assembly Checkpoint

Man walks into Fringe comedy show, man sits down, comedian starts, man laughs, comedian ends, man unexpectedly cries.

Few times have I seen a comedian so honest and raw as Larry Dean. Only a comedian with a perverse nature would dare to bare his soul whilst telling jokes, but it certainly paid off in Dean’s case. Basing his hour around around his recent break up provides Dean with a relatable narrative that only really comes full circle once he has flown through tangent after tangent. Highlights include his ‘working class’ dog, an apple that cost him a wank and a half, and his impressions of posh mothers from across the globe.

Larry Dean is full of surprises and sharp remarks, telling us he identifies as gay and describing himself as “a flower, not a vase”. Having lived in Glasgow for six years of my life, I instantly recognised the Southside ‘bampot’ exterior that Dean presents at first glance. It it to his credit that he manages to represent both gay and working class Scottish stereotypes individually before merging them, then completely breaking them.

While I admit his narrative might have struck a particular chord with me, you clearly didn’t need to be post-break up to get involved. The audience around me were  filled with the same emotive response and there was an overwhelming warmth that filled Assembly Checkpoint. A comedian who makes you laugh and then feel is beyond accomplished.

This show truly is a must see for anyone who wants to roll around the floor laughing before being reminded that they have a heart.

Larry Dean: Bampot, Assembly Checkpoint, Aug 6-26 (not 15), 5pm

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