Review: Lauren Pattison: Peachy at Pleasance Courtyard

There are the comedians who revolutionise their industry, the ones who have taken the wrong turn, and then there are others, the best ones – those we want to be friends with.

Lauren Pattison is certainly one of these ones. From the moment she walks into the room, like a pal who was a little late for their round, you can tell that this will be a pleasant evening.

So, what’s it all about? Well, satisfyingly Pattison is a comic who seems to base her material around her personality, rather than forcing it to adhere to a topic. What is delivered is an insight into who she is, her loves, and her life. Not all stand-up sets need to tackle Brexit, liberalism or Trump. Sometimes we just want to hear an hour of amusing stories whilst connecting with the performer.  

Avoiding too many of the working-class chips we are all guilty of thrusting forward, Pattison just speaks. Nothing seems pre-medicated. Instead, she talks to us about finding love, a nice contrast to last year’s Fringe show which detailed the complete opposite. She talks to us about being happy, a subject which she rightly states usually makes for very little comedy. We’re all sadists at heart really, but Pattison has an innate ability to make happy funny – in a way that doesn’t make us hate her for it.

Saying this, whilst a narrative isn’t always required, focus is. This is where Pattison occasionally falls down. Whilst endearing, her haphazard approach can sometimes feel distracted, as though she’s got another thought brewing in her head.

The set, which is straightforward yet still side-splittingly funny, is a testament as to why her rising star status is on such a speedy move. You don’t have to take a chance on her – she’s already an accomplished performer with a bright future.

Lauren Pattison: Peachy, Pleasance Courtyard, 6-26 Aug (not 13th), 7pm

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