Review: Len Blanco: Firing Blancs at Just the Tonic at the Charteris Centre

This striking performance takes us to another level of wit, laughter and equal part comic-tragedy. Len Blanco is a man of your dreams, live at the Palladium, on his not-so-famous comeback tour. 

Opening with vivacious, sexual, intimate songs failing band member Len Blanco explores his troubles in the new social climate. Moving from a lifestyle of girls, and sex, and singing with his band M4. This parody of masculinity delves into the depths of anxiety, and failure. Edgy and political, this performance, post #MeToo is aptly-timed.  

Don’t be put off by the minimal set, or the small auditorium. Blanco’s songs are catchy and well-balanced with monologues split into both present-day performance and memory flashbacks. He commands the stage with undivided presence, great script and strong structure. Get ready to watch Len as he digs himself a hole into embarrassment singing his own song Baby Baby Baby, and sending dick-pics to female fans. The audience is captivated, with intermittent cackles of laughter, applauds and participation. If you are looking to be engaged, but don’t want the pressure to take part? Len is the right performance for you. 

Len Blanco: Firing Blancs is at Just the Tonic at the Charteris Centre until the 24th August at 9:20 pm

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