Review: Let’s Inherit the Earth at Pleasance Courtyard

Upon entry to Let’s Inherit the Earth, one finds three people in turtle suits waiting on the stage. Turtle One vomits up plastic, and looks to Turtle Two.

Turtle Two looks to Turtle Three, which looks to the crowd. This blend of the absurd, the light hearted, the mildly forbidding, and the accusatory is not a bad indication of what’s to come.

Let’s Inherit the Earth is comedy theatre set in a moderately immediate future, where climate change is beginning to erode and erase human civilisation. So, the play faces two challenges: 1) to avoid inspiring boredom through cliché, and 2) to provide laughs in the face of despair. On the first point it succeeds by dramatizing the human consequences of global warming rather than its scientific causes, and by ridiculing our at worst pathetic and at best futile responses to this impending, self-inflicted doom. On the second point it succeeds with 70s-inspired punk karaoke, slightly camp humour, and eye pleasingly cartoonish sets and props.

There are a few song lyrics that are a little too earnest and on the nose, and some Donald Trump references that seem thrown in for the sake of being thrown in, but these are small niggles, easily undone by an extended rant on the mentality of EU Leave voters which is so subtle that it only recognisably becomes a rant in its closing seconds. Also worth crediting is the way the Scottish and Swedish cast fuse and infuse their accents, national politics, and personalities into the show. It’s a satisfying blend of localism and internationalism entirely appropriate for the Fringe.

Final thought? Go see this show before the North Sea swallows you!

Let’s Inherit the Earth, Pleasance Courtyard, Aug 12-26 Aug (not 13, 20), 12.20pm

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