Review: Micky Bartlett: Crucifying Fergal at Gilded Balloon Teviot

Sorry Micky Bartlett, dislike it as much as you want but you are the quintessential millennial: you live with your mother, don’t have a proper job and clearly still find ‘idiot says what?’ jokes funny.

That being said, Bartlett isn’t the narcissistic, avocado loving millennial that some associate with his generation; he thinks baristas are twats and is only now ready to admit that he has formerly been employed as a sandwich artist because it makes for a good joke.

Bartlett declares early on in his performance that this is not an ‘Edinburgh show’ and that you won’t leave enlightened or with a changed perspective. Instead of enlightenment, Bartlett’s performance offers up the comfort of your funniest pal telling stories down the pub. It’s not new material – everyone has heard a friend’s travelling stories (in fact, you definitely have if you’re in that millennial bracket) and sordid tales from stag dos – but his comic timing and easy charm keeps the laughs coming all the same.

Intentionally or not, Bartlett manages to impeccably times his jokes with the laughs from the next door venue – not that there isn’t enough laughter in his own room.

It might be based in the hottest venue in the city, but it’s worth getting a bit sticky for this hour of cracking comedy.

Micky Bartlett: Crucifying Fergal, Gilded Balloon Teviot, 1-27 Aug, 7.50pm


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