Review: Murray Hill: About to Break at Gilded Balloon Teviot

Trapped in the basement of the Gilded Balloon lies one of this year’s Fringe’s hidden gems. Murray Hill, King of Showbiz, has made it big in America and is now inviting the Edinburgh Fringe to see what all the fuss is about.

Murray Hill is not just an impressive stand-up but a master of wit, improv and oddball comedy. Unlike the classic hour set, About to Break depends not on what Hill has prepared, but the willingness of an audience to converse and engage with him. This may go sour if some Morningside Maisies in the front row don’t want to play ball, but for the majority of our show, the audience are on side. His delivery is formidable, and, though highly stylised, his comedy is accessible to all of those who want to laugh.

Hill explores a range of topics from relationships to his showbiz career, Tunnock’s Teacakes to his use of Spanx (‘You might think its a double chin but its just my stomach popping up to say hello’). With competitions, singalongs and plenty of opportunities for the audience to get involved, the show flies by and has you laughing all the way through.

Murray Hill is a fearless comedian who invites the audience to laugh at him, themselves and each other, just to make sure that everyone is having fun. Whilst he may be the ‘hardest working middle aged man in showbiz’, there is a glint in his eye that tells us he may be working hard but he’s having a lot of fun doing it too.

I wouldn’t miss it if I were you, he’s threatening never to return.

Murray Hill: About to Break, Gilded Balloon Teviot, 2-27 Aug, 9.15pm

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