Review: Myq Kaplan: ‘All Killing Aside’ at Underbelly Bristo Square

Myq Kaplan finds a home in the weird and wonderful world of Fringe comedy. Kicking off the show with a dose of relatable toilet humour, Kaplan wins the audience over quickly.

From then on, the New York based comic’s self-aware and wacky jokes take you on a journey, from puns about gnocchi (which you’ll finally learn how to pronounce) to a quick physics lesson in space and time.

Prepare to be pulled into the sharp mind of Kaplan as he shares his views of veganism and divulges details about his upbringing as a Jewish boy in New Jersey and his hallucinogenic trips in the Amazon rainforest, which are no doubt responsible for many of his insightful revelations as to why the world hates Nickelback and Jehovah Witnesses.

Alongside this worldly awareness, Kaplan’s routine is infused with tender self-mockery as he reviews his own jokes and his most inconvenient hecklers, all while assuring us that the experience of being a stand up comic is at least better than high school.

As well as the silly, All Killing Aside can be philosophically stimulating as Kaplan deconstructs why it is that love trumps hate and encourages us all to embrace the non-murdering parts of ourselves. It is in these moments that Kaplan’s intelligence is humbly revealed. But fear not, he’s more than likely to throw you another toilet joke at that exact moment.

Kaplan’s act may at times feel like a fragmented rambling, but the punch lines to his relatable quips and anecdotes always arrive right when they should, giving the show a seamless symmetry of silliness and quick wit.

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