Review: Outside at Pleasance Courtyard

Struggling to breath amidst every aspect of life shouting and blaring out at them, it’s no wonder that millennials, snowflakes, Peter Pan-ers all experience rites of passage at varying times.

At the risk of angering Daily Mail readers, it’s an anxiously tormenting ordeal. Clay Party do a sublime job of stitching together all of this in their Fringe show Outside.

The play is set on the final night before a nationwide curfew is lifted. How better to escape the crushing realism? A party, of course. Meanwhile, living in a tiny flat and twitching to propose to his pregnant girlfriend is Charlie, stuck trying to conform to expectations and work a crappy job, all while trying to be happy.

Outside looks at the pressure of being pushed to discover oneself, whilst holding down employment, an education and starting a family, all alongside the threats of the outside: terrorism, government corruption, global warming, and the rest that we have no control over. It is this lack of control, this primeval lacking we have which drives so many to moments of weakness and aggression. Outside capture this stifling pressure in a horrifically realistic, subtle piece.

Leaving your audience wanting more is usually a terrific move, but the issue here is that we crave so much more detail than Outside gives. The reason for the curfew in the first place becomes more interesting than the drama before us. This is the story we’re seeking to bite down into.

Life’s tough for every generation, but Outside tells the millennials tale. Clay Play has created a piece that is clever, humorously written and performed exceptionally. Remember that whilst millennials may be ‘snowflakes’, people are always terrified of blizzards.

Outside, Pleasance Courtyard, 14-27 Aug, 3.30pm

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