Review: Paul Sinha: The Two Ages of Man at The Stand

Paul Sinha may not be recognisable at first as he steps onto the stage.

It’s hard to picture him as the white-jacketed “Sinnerman” from ITV’s The Chase. For one, he’s definitely lost weight, which Sinha covers in this show. Secondly, the kinder quiz-master of the lot seems to be set aside to reveal a man who isn’t afraid to reveal some of his sharper edges.

The show revolves around Sinha’s middle-age state in life, one that leaves him questioning his past, present and future. The narrative strings together tales of being an openly gay man as well as a Z-list celebrity, and Sinha explores the trials of striking a balance between pursuing a professional career that leaves him unsatisfied while finding joy in an entertainment career. Throughout the hour, the laughs keep coming. Sinha is able to rattle off punchlines effortlessly as he takes the audience through a stream of delightfully funny tales.

However, the narrative could have benefitted from a more coherent structure. Sinha also faltered in his command of the stage at points, but he was able to pull it back. The Two Ages of Man incorporates Sinha’s intelligent witty humour, yet it doesn’t ever fall into pretentiousness and definitely doesn’t shy away from a bit of lowbrow comedy. It allows for a diverse set of entertainment and is an hour that will be enjoyed by all.

Paul Sinha: The Two Ages of Man, The Stand, 15-26 Aug, 4.55pm

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