Review: Pete Firman: Marvels at the Pleasance Courtyard

Entering the stage dressed in a tartan suit and looking dapper, it is easy to imagine that had Pete Firman chosen an alternative career in show business, he could have easily made an excellent member of Fagan’s gang in any production of Oliver!, despite the fact he’s nearing 40.

However, pickpocket he is not. Firman is in fact the most recognisable face in British magic – and doesn’t he know it.

In Marvels, Firman’s performance is confident, thoroughly cheesy and executed in exactly the manner you’d expect from a tried and true magician. If you are already a fan of magic, Marvels will undoubtably entertain you for an hour as Firman rattles through trick after trick. However, if you’re not already firmly on the magic bandwagon, this show isn’t likely to sway your position. Firman’s tricks are well implemented and his sleight of hand is fantastic, however, the show doesn’t offer up much that is new or innovative and his ‘marvels’ are really just rehashings of old tricks. The show is fun, but doesn’t especially wow the crowd, while Firman’s gag rely on basic innuendos.

Pete Firman: Marvels, Pleasance Courtyard, 1-26 Aug, 8pm


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