Review: Pierre Novellie - See Novellie, Hear Novellie, Speak Novellie at Pleasance Courtyard

Boasting an impressive repertoire of television and radio work, as well being on the receiving end of numerous Chortle award nominations, Pierre Novellie brings his latest show See Novellie, Hear Novellie, Speak Novellie to Edinburgh.

Over the course of the hour, he rips into his massively varied heritage, the rise of right-wing nationalism, the rise of left-wing communism, Britons, Europeans, vegans, redditors, and more or less any other group an individual in 2018 could identify with.

Identity is a big part of Novellie’s show. As a South African raised on the Isle of Man with a Franco-Italian name he feels qualified to give an unbiased ‘outsiders’ opinion regarding these issues, something he commonly does on his TV and radio appearances. The influence of these appearances is apparent as he flows seamlessly between topics, beginning the show with a deconstruction of old Scooby Doo cartoons and somehow ending up joking about Charles Manson.

On the other hand, the negative influence of Novellie’s media work also pokes through. The show can become monologue-y at times, and he himself admits that a lot of his jokes should include footnotes. You could be forgiven for thinking that you were actually watching an amusing TED Talk rather than a Fringe comedy show.

Regardless, Novellie puts on a great performance, talking confidently on subjects he has clearly researched well and making quick-witted quips while simultaneously throwing out facts and figures about (often obscure) world events. With his quality content, charm, and plentiful media work it won’t be surprising if Pierre Novellie become a household name. Go see him now while he’s still humble – and cheap.

Pierre Novellie: See Novellie, Hear Novellie, Speak Novellie, Pleasance Courtyard, 16-26 Aug, 7.15pm

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