Review: Piff the Magic Dragon and the Dog Who Knows at The Stand’s New Town Theatre

Returning from his Las Vegas residency for a couple of weeks ‘vacation’ at the Fringe, Piff the Magic Dragon brings a taste of the US to Edinburgh with this Vegas-esque show, complete with a flashy light show, music, a glamorous stage assistant, and the stage presence to boot.

But don’t take this to mean he has ‘sold out’. The Dog Who Knows is still filled with the same British bemusement, deadpan humour, incredible tricks, and adorable Mr. Piffles that captured our hearts and led Piff to Las Vegas in the first place.

The show is preceded by a video montage introducing Piff and his exploits in America that, while well produced and cool to watch, seems recycled from his Vegas residency and tailored towards his American audience – it also slightly spoils one of the later tricks in the show. However, as Piff takes to the stage, any trepidations are quickly squashed as he cracks jokes and integrates the audience into the show.

These doubts are even further removed as the tricks begin. Piff (Mr. Piff?) interacts well with the audience, including people as part of the trick while lightly heckling them, and flaunting his Magic Circle abilities and powers of misdirection with a new-found Vegas flare that juxtaposes well against his dry wit and straight-faced demeanour to add an entirely new comedic twist to the show.

While not every trick is as impressive as the others, and some of his comic material is recognisable from his media appearances, Piff the Magic Dragon puts on an incredibly entertaining show that is a must-see for anyone who wants to laugh, be awestruck, and/or just marvel at a cute dog for an hour.

Piff the Magic Dragon and the Dog Who Knows, The Stand’s New Town Theatre, until 26 Aug, 7.20pm


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