Review: Robyn Perkins: 10,000 Decisions at Underbelly Bristo

It’s not often you come across a comedian, biologist and DMX fan all in one but Robyn Perkins is just that.

Hilariously unapologetic, 10,000 Decisions mixes science with the trivia of life, offering a unique twist on your average stand-up hour. With DMX playing in the background, the audience listen attentively as Perkins begins to explain her love of hip-hop.

Perkins knows she’s funny. Her unequivocal charm dominates the stage as she recounts her bad decisions with a self-assured confidence. Self-deprecation comes easily to Perkins as she addresses American sarcasm, racial generalisations and relationships. Incorporating her scientific mind into the gags, Perkins tells the tale of her trip to a neuroscientist to determine her bad decision making. Introducing, the name of a set of neurons called the Amygdala, not only were we in a comedy show but also an impromptu learning experience. She goes on to tell us that she attempted to discover the root of her bad decision making with a trip to a neuroscientist, who told her about a set of neurons called the Amygdala that are linked to decision making. If it sounds a bit complicated for a comedy show, don’t worry. Science has never been so fun. 

Demonstrations are used throughout the set, offering well structured visual aids to the scientific research and some witty audience interaction works well, however it does drift into science lesson territory at points. Luckily, Perkins always manages to steer things back to funny side with the confidence of a true professional. 

Out of the 10,000 decisions we allegedly make per day, choosing to spend an hour with Robyn Perkins is certainly a good one. There’s not many comedy hours hosted by a biologist, however Perkins breaks every stereotype with her confident, charming and relatable personality.

Robyn Perkins: 10,000 Decisions, Underbelly Bristo Square, 6-26 Aug (not 13), 5:50pm

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