Review: Ronni Ancona and Lewis Macleod: Just Checking In @ Gilded Balloon: The Museum

Want a secluded and delightful getaway away, at one of Scotland’s most luxurious hotels? Whilst Ronni Ancona and Lewis Macleod can’t offer a relaxing stay; they can offer a fun-filled, celebrity spotting sketch adventure.

With such illustrious careers in comedy, it can be more of a blessing than a curse, when it comes to bringing a show to Scotland’s capital. With expectations high, Ancona and Macleod did not disappoint. With a whirlwind of impressions, both celebrity and that of the eccentric hotel staff; the audience is ushered through the hotel at lightning speed.

The set-up for this show is very bare, however, this serves only to heighten the picture painted by the plethora of celebrity ‘guests’. The structure of the show increases in pace as we progress. It starts with a simple check-in, then tumbles into scandal; from an onslaught of guests to the impressions taking over their hosts completely. The narrative and the increasing speed of storytelling really sets this show apart. We see the duo move away from a static structure, which has often been the preferred choice for impressionists, opting for a much more modern approach.

Both comedians are titans of their industry and have honed their craft well.  Whilst Just Checking In brings some fresh concepts to an age-old art form it remains a fairly classic fringe show, with few surprises.  This show is well formulated, well written and a welcome addition to this year’s festival. If you’re looking for reliable laughs from some of the best performers in the industry, this is the show for you.

Just Checking In runs at Gilded Balloon at the Museum – Auditorium, 9 pm Aug 6-17

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