Review: Rosie Jones: Fifteen Minutes at the Pleasance Courtyard

Fifteen Minutes perfectly encapsulates this year’s Fringe theme of stepping into the unknown. Debut comic Rosie Jones is completely brazen, downright hilarious and will leave you snorting with laugher. I implore any viewer not to enjoy this show as much as Jones appears to enjoy performing it herself.

In the intimate Pleasance This, Jones cracks out some truly brilliant jokes. She fully incorporates her cerebral palsy into her material, utilising aspects which might typically be a hindrance – like her slow movement – to her advantage for some impeccably timed gags. Jones not only charms her audience by poking fun at her disability and her shameless personality, but she also engages her crowd with tales about family, her sexual fantasies and yogurt, all with the help of narration from her fictional able-bodied self. In more ways than one Rosie Jones ticks all the boxes.

It’s a shame that she is in such a tiny venue, but festival-goers should not be deterred from taking a chance on a new comic. Fifteen Minutes is an exceptional and original show that’s sure to make its mark on this year’s Festival. Jones deserves every bit of the standing ovation she so ostentatiously demands.

Rosie Jones: Fifteen Minutes, Pleasance Courtyard, 1-26 Aug (not 13), 8.30pm

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