Review: Sarah Keyworth: Dark Horse at Pleasance Courtyard

Sarah Keyworth is an honest comedian who knows how to stir genuine emotion in her audience while still keeping them laughing from the get go.

Dark Horse takes on some serious topics, exploring gender, sexuality, and how we use language, but still manages to be both funny and inspiring.

Whilst rarely breaking any especially new ground, her emotive style of storytelling is gripping, making you desperate to hear more even as things get thorny. For a comic making her debut hour, her stage presence is impressively confident, giving off a relaxed and friendly air that makes the audience warm to her. 

The first half of the set is the strongest. Here, you get the full scope of her journey from bullied but defiant child to the proud nanny of two wonderful children. She tackles her own struggle with adapting societal labels impressively, managing to be both relatable and persuasive. 

The set falls down slightly at the end as Keyworth gets a bit stuck in repeating an already well made point that the audience already agrees with and taking too long to reach the culminating twist. However, aside from this small criticism, Dark Horse is an impressive debut packed full of pearls of wisdom. You’d struggle to find anyone who wouldn’t enjoy this show.

Sarah Keyworth: Dark Horse at Pleasance Courtyard, 9-26 Aug, 5.30pm

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