Review: Short & Curly: Young at Start at Pleasance Courtyard

Short and Curly are not your normal comedy duo.

Not for them the caricatured personalities that spark off each other in a fun but predictable way, or the anodyne Ant and Dec dynamic. Instead, they simply give reign to their joint creative talents to create a weird and wonderful hour of pun, reference, and prop based humour.
Curly has a problem: he doesn’t want to get old. He wants to be young (and cool). Together, they go on a bizarre and hilarious journey through his younger years, trying to recapture what, if anything, made him cool to begin with.
It’s the perfect vehicle for their fast paced, skit based humour, tying everything to musicals, panto, and anything else that allows them to make a quick gag.
They delight in the tiny space of Pleasance That. Other performers would be constricted by it, but they just get in your face without the slightest qualm, and bring the audience right into the show, not allowing you to sit back or disengage. And you don’t want to – it’s just pure, charming fun. Overall, it’s a delight, and feels genuinely unique, and is definitely worth checking out.

Short and Curly: Young at Start, Pleasance Courtyard, until 27 Aug, 4.30pm

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