Review: Siblings: Acting Out at Underbelly Bristo

The struggle of working in the arts is real – just ask anyone performing at the festival.

Instead of being sycophantic about it, however, Maddy and Marina Bye have used this truth to their advantage to create an hour of ridiculousness as they poke fun at themselves and an assortment of recognisable characters.

The charm of Acting Out is the relatable dynamic between the two performers; if you have siblings you’ll completely identify with the rivalry of Marina and Maddy but also their ability to bounce off one another. Filled with DIY props, costumes and sound effects, this nostalgic hour brings back memories of childish antics on a Sunday afternoon. Several moments in the show are reliant on audience participation, a risk that could go completely awry if the audience aren’t willing to join in with the makeshift tone. Still, Maddy and Mariana command the Wee Coo as only classically trained actors can. The home video interlude is genius and Acting Out has a brave and perfectly ridiculous twist to it at the end.

If you are an only child you might miss out on the brilliance of this double act but the complete tomfoolery of the pair will definitely keep you entertained regardless. The pair clearly enjoy working together as much as it is a joy to watch them. This is an hour of charming ridiculousness that will have you snorting with laughter.

Siblings: Acting Out, Underbelly Bristo, 1-27 Aug (not 14), 6.40pm

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