Review: The Approach at Assembly Hall

Written by Mark O’Rowe, The Approach is a thought provoking and enthralling piece of theatre. The piece focuses on three women: Cora (Cathy Belton), Anna (Aisling O’Sullivan), and Denise (Derbhle Crotty).

The characters share three separate conversations about old times and topics ranging from current relationships, the tragic suicide of a friend and how a man, now dead, came between two sisters.

The Approach does not show but tells, leaving the audience to piece together the past and present of the character’s lives for themselves.

The dialogue is well written, realistic and natural. Thanks to the superb acting of the performers, the audience felt as if they were in on the conversation, sitting at the table and having a coffee with the characters.

We become deeply invested in the lives of the three women and even with such minimal movement and such a simple set, the audience was captivated from beginning to end.

The soft lighting and harrowing music played in between scenes gave the sense that something awful was about to happen and the perceptive and well thought out dialogue showed the audience that not everything is as it seems.

The play effectively shows the passing of time and just how fleeting every moment is as the characters promise to keep in touch but never do.

With poetic writing that makes dialogue seem effortless and such an incredible cast, this show is definitely worth approaching.

The Approach, Assembly Hall, 2-26 Aug, 1.25pm

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