Review: Trojan Horse at Summerhall

Trojan Horse, written by Helen Monks and Matt Woodhead, tells the story of the 2014 investigation into accusations of ‘radicalisation’ at Birmingham schools in an imaginative and unbiased look at inherent racism and its manifestation in our governing bodies.

Theatre company LUNG take the opportunity to explore sensationalism in the media, delving deep to uncover to the real reason for the national coverage surrounding a small group of Birmingham schools.

Trojan Horse serves as a welcome change from the barrage of political satire at the Fringe. The cast of five managed to deliver a scale of theatre that would be beyond some of the most experienced companies in the business. The movement was seamless, transporting us from enquiry to classroom in an instant, while the performances from the full ensemble were utterly flawless. Using dialogue taken from direct accounts and verbatim testimonies, their delivery was packed full of raw emotion. The abilities of these performers really came to light as they moved seamlessly between each character, turning from reporter to pupil with ease. Special mention must go to Maanuv Thiara for his incredibly powerful portrayal of one teacher’s journey through accusation, trials and persecution

An outstanding piece of theatre, full of purpose, poignancy and precision, Trojan Horse is an intuitive production which speaks loudly about the position of faith against a backdrop of ambiguous ‘British values’. By showing both what was seen publicly during and the damage in the aftermath of the enquiry, LUNG paint a rich and multi-layered account of the events of 2014. 

This piece of theatre deserves all the praise it gets during its Fringe debut and is sure to be a  success.

Trojan Horse at Summerhall 15:15 until 26 (not 13)

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