Review: Witch Hunt at Just the Tonic

A brilliant way to end your day or start your night, late night sketch comedy Witch Hunt brings original, bold and absurd comedy to this year’s Fringe.

Milosz, a gay Australian pop star who won the Eurovision Song Contest, has became so popular that he is about to made the President of the EU. Fearing that his agenda of ‘gay marriage and white nationalism for everyone’ may ruin their lives, JK Rowling, a holier than thou American mom, and a men’s rights activist disguised as a female SNP politician set out to stop Milosz becoming president.

Whilst the show is presented in sketch form, it is cleverly crafted into a narrative allowing the characters to weave in and out of each others journey. The pace never drops and we go through a whirlwind of sketches that bring together an intelligent and bizarre mix of many characters and stories into one fantastically packed show. Playing a multitude of different characters between them, Alistair Inglis, Kathy Maniura and Derek Mitchell are so skilled that you almost forget that there are only three of them, not twenty.

Witch Hunt pays tribute to the likes of Summer Heights High, The Mighty Boosh and the League of Gentlemen whilst at the same time being completely fresh, funny and thought out. It is a joy to see something that understands how to be absurd yet mainstream, political yet satirical, subtle yet bold. Sketch comedy may have been overshadowed by improv in recent years, but Witch Hunt proves that it is back and better than ever!

Witch Hunt, Just the Tonic, 2-26 Aug (not 13), 11.10pm

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