We chat to our Festival Favourite Rose Matafeo ahead of her performance at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe.

You’ve said that what drew you to stand-up was that it offered total control. So is this girly charmfest a front for the cold hard control freak underneath?

First of all – thank you for flirting with me. The way to a girl’s heart is to compliment her, so she can then politely reject the compliment but secretly let it give her power.

I love being in control, but I think there’s a lot of that in comedy, a real wonderful auteurship. I’m known to be very specific about the fonts used on my posters and the music played before my shows. I am the Stanley Kubrick of pre-show music. 

I read that you feel nothing but relief after a gig?

I’m not particularly resilient and very hard on myself, but I really think that’s the only way I can get better at comedy which is pretty messed up. I think some comedians see every gig as an opportunity to be great, whereas I see every show as an opportunity to fail.

But apart from that, I am a very fun and easy going person – I promise!

How many more Fringes do you have in you?

Edinburgh is like a boyfriend who does not have his shit together at all, but he’s really good looking and has a good heart and also you’re logged into his Netflix. So, knowing me, I’ll probably come back every year until my friends are like “you need to leave him for good!” and I’ll be like “you seriously don’t know him like I do! He gave me a 3 star review that totally read as a FOUR!” 


Rose Matafeo: Horndog, Pleasance Courtyard, 1-26 (not 14), 6.20pm, from £6 

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