This German group are very professional, very talented performers with expertly choreographed routines, and yet they fail to deliver the creativity necessary to really wow the audience.

The energetic drum opening to the show is really impressive, and I suspect all audience members are grateful for the size of the venue, which softens what could be a deafening beat.  The pace of the show remains fast and dynamic, and it brings to the audience exactly what it says on the ticket: rhythm, drum and dance. The performers have an enviable range of abilities, from tap dancing to street dance and acrobatics. Both a visual and sensory spectacle, the light and stage design add significantly to the quality of the routines and the music. However, at times the techno grooves and predictable dance routines of the group resemble a workout dance video, or a repetitive and outdated music video. This sexy, lively show stands apart from the unpolished work so often found in the Fringe and the skilled ensemble provide an entertaining hour that only falls short for lack of innovation, requiring a missing ‘x’ factor that would bring the added flair necessary to transform this show into an astonishing production.

Venue 150@EICC, 7-22 Aug, 18:00

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