The Queen’s Hall
22 August, 22.00

Salsa CelticaSlippery limbed salsa with rolling hips and elbows, alongside bawdy Scottish stomps and cheers of “Aieeeeupp” were the ticket of the night. Back performing to their hometown, Salsa Celtica underlined why their albums have topped the New York and L.A. salsa charts, and European world music charts, sending the crowd into pulsing raptures that literally shook the Queen’s Hall within minutes.

Fusing Scottish and Irish traditional music with Latin American accents, this 11 strong band is comprised of a stellar group of traditional Celtic and world, jazz and salsa musicians.  All of them have incredible technique and stamina; their energy and professionalism never relented in the whole two hours that they commanded the stage.

The crowd’s favourites were the numbers where Scottish reel on fiddle and pipes began, then were subsequently cut and pervaded with Cuban percussion, brass and piano, unleashing an atmosphere of celebration and passion among the revellers.

Keeping still became an impossibility thanks to the inherent vibrancy of this musical style. A collision of cultures, burly Scottish lads tried their hands at salsa, whilst also keeping true to their roots and grabbing the occasional lithe Columbian to fling around the room.  It is a travesty that they were only here for one night, but perhaps just as well for the structure of the Queen’s Hall.

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