Sarah Millican’s distinctive voice and her loveable state of self-professed ‘permanent agitation’ have the audience roaring with laughter in this lively, intimate venue and aptly named show.

Her self-deprecating humour is infused with a creative, playful use of slang that makes this Geordie lass all the more endearing to the audience. Criticised by her teachers at school for being a chatterbox, Millican proves triumphantly that her gift of the gab has made for a deservedly successful career in comedy, and creates such a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere and rapport with the audience that she seems like a friend (you wish) you’d have a cuppa with. Confiding in the audience with intimate tales of her relationship, sex life, her struggle with her weight and her love of cakes (she really does have a section of her website dedicated to puddings), Sarah Millican’s cute, tubby appearance hides a filthy mind that manages to keep her material suitably hilarious for both the men and women in the crowd. This feel good show is a great start to any evening in the festival, and I guarantee you’ll leave with a smile on your face and a sense that you’ve been exposed to one of the most talented female comedians on the British comedy scene. 

The Stand Comedy Club, 4-29 Aug (not 16), 20:20

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