Describe your show to us

Sticking to what I’m good at and back with another story telling hour. The new show is called “Like Father Like Son” and I will be looking at the relationship between my father and I, and what it means to be a Dad. So, another light-hearted topic from me. I enjoy taking more serious subjects and looking for the humour in them. I think that is where the best comedy comes from. Real life, or dark situations.

How does it feel returning to Edinburgh after your success last year?

Honestly…it doesn’t feel any different than last year, except that I’m in a bigger room. However it does feel great to be going back. I’m really looking forward to getting the new show out there. I don’t think anyone goes to the Fringe thinking they will be nominated or win an award, and if you do it’s probably best you don’t bother going in the first place. The only pressure is to keep creating content, keep writing. But also have a show that you are proud of. The only pressure we need to put on ourselves is to respect the audience. If you are asking people to pay money then make sure you have something worth paying for. Make then laugh, make them think, make them glad they bought a ticket.

What is your top Fringe survival tip? 

Well my Top Fringe Survival Tip is probably don’t go out drinking with Jimoein as you will need two days to recover.

The best way to survive the Fringe is remember that no matter how much fun you are having week three will be hell, and when it’s finally over you will wish it wasn’t.

What is the best and worst thing about the festival?

Best things about the festival are seeing friends, having a laugh and a 3am Chicken Shawarma from Palmyra Pizza.

Worst things are missing my dogs, Fringe flu and being in Edinburgh for a month, which is never an enjoyable experience for a Glaswegian.


Scott Gibson: Like Father Like Son Gilded Balloon Teviot, 2-28 August, 3.45pm, from £9

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